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Rain now oh! But bcuz of that the atmospher bcame cool! Loved that but today in the mornin rain n rain! Our terrace was fully filled vth water and looked like a little pond!

I remembered the Nursery Rhyme –
Rain rain go away,
Come again another day.
Little Johnny wants to play;
Rain, rain, go to Spain,
Never show your face again!

Today it started in the morning and stopped just now, I mean at 6:45 PM. What an unexpected RAIN it was!


This is the most important thing for me. I was just scared of it.At last, the day arrived– 93.5% with the 3rd Rank was really surprising.I was so busy between these days , so i was unable to write any post. My best friends are Harita and Priyal.


April is my best month ’cause —
My School Year gets over n
Vacation starts.
Now Today Aprils’s 2nd last day.. UH!
Well I will miss my April.
I m so excited 4 my 7th std to get started.
Bye 4 now. I m in a hurry.!!!!


“Life is a duty, dear it; Life is a burden bear it”
If ur vacations have just started n u wanna have FUN, what would it be???
Just watching a movie, isn’t it? I just watched HANNAH MONTANA : THE MOVIE in the noon. B4 that , i just made a cd of it . God!! 3 cds failed and atlast the 4th was made. Then is started it in the DVD player but the cd stuck inside and the dvd player was DEAD!!!!
I was able to watch it in the comp. Real Funn!!

Hannah Montana The Movie



To all my Friends,

With a very warm Welcome I would like to introduce myself to this blogs World.

My Age is 11 yrs, my date of birth is 30th September, I am studying in 6th std (Gujarat State Board) and staying at Bhuj , I am Cancerian with a loving Nature (as all say) and very fond of making Friends, going Places and My hobby is to dance, listen Music, and learning new things, be creative and with a confidence to try NEW things. So after my parents and teachers advice i have thought to be in touch to all my friends thru this Blog.

I will definately try to be regular and make the best use of this technology and share my special moments of life with you all.

Bye. See ya.